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Igenti-market is a self-service email marketing tool. It's a online system so there is nothing to install.

Use Igenti-market when you have lists of contacts that you need to email. It provides an array of features not available in other email tools to help you:

  1. Manage your contact lists;
  2. Create and deliver your message;
  3. Create and deliver online surveys;
  4. Manage your communication campaign;
  5. Evaluate results.
Igenti-market will also help you:
  1. Reduce the cost of communicating with persons important to your organization;
  2. Communicate more often so you can provide better customer service;
  3. Obtain information with online surveys;
  4. Increase revenues by linking communications with order entry systems;
  5. Manage your communications so you will know who did and did not view your message so that you can follow-up;
  6. Automate your communication processes so communications and follow-up will become less of an effort;
  7. Comply with email laws.

The result is lower costs and more control over your communications with customers, members, prospects and other persons important to your organization.


Click here to get started for free! Or call us at 800-639-2060!


Igenti offers both “self-service” and “full-service” email communication services. To learn about “full-service” click here.


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